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Valentine’s Day

January 30, 2018

Just a quick post for Valentine’s Day…

I really don’t care much about Valentine’s Day anymore. For myself, that is. Except for the colors. I love red…love, love, love. It makes sense to love red at Valentine’s Day, given that it’s the color that represents love and all. But ever since we’ve had children, Valentine’s Day has been primarily for them. Right or wrong, that’s just the way it’s been.

My husband has heard me say many times: “Don’t buy me flowers on the most commercialized day of the entire year – that’s a waste of money. Instead, buy me flowers on lots of the other days of the year when it’s not so commercialized.”

Poor guy, I guess he might be better off if I loved Valentine’s Day.

Who can forget the excitement of early elementary school Valentine’s Day class parties? Oh. My. Gosh.

Red punch and those chalky candy Sweethearts tasted divine. Oh, and the red hots. Who can forget the red hots. I remember the red dress my mom made me. It was a red corduroy shift dress with a white ruffled blouse, white knee high socks with black patent leather shoes (that I would sometimes trip on because I would accidentally knock my feet together as I walked and the patent leather would stick) and the bun on top of my head where a family of four could have resided anonymously. Of course, the bun was wrapped in a red grosgrain ribbon with perfectly cut ends (if my mom made my homemade Barbie clothes look so nice, you can only imagine how she made me and my sisters’ clothes look).

Since I don’t think anything can compare to the excitement of Valentine’s Day class parties of my youth, it’s hard to keep the Valentine flow going for older kids. Even if they have a real Valentine of their own (thoughts on that might turn into another blog post), I suspect they secretly want mom and dad to still celebrate Valentine’s Day with them somehow. Maybe I’m wrong.

But in case I’m right, I thought it would be appropriate to send them something to their respective universities besides chocolate and a teddy bear. If your college young adult is anything like mine, they are required to live on a budget. So in turn, cash is king.

You’ve probably seen this and/or done this before…I took the chocolate out of a regular ‘ol box of chocolates (not telling what I did with it) and wrapped up individual dollar bills of different assortments. That exercise was a tad harder than it looks…

And of course, socks. My gosh, what is the deal with the decorative socks? I purchased their socks on and I’ve attached the links under the pictures.









NCAA Baylor Bears Men’s Champ Preformance Crew Socks,Green/Yellow,Mens Large 10-13









NCAA Texas Longhorns Women’s Champ Performance Crew Socks,Orange/White,Womens Medium 9-11

So, in case you were dried up of ideas for your college kiddos or even the ones you still have at home, maybe these ideas will help put you in the right direction.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Maybe you enjoy your beautiful yet overpriced flowers as I’m sure I will too…


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