January 24, 2016

Cruising through January can be one of two things: depressing or inspiring. I’m falling somewhere in the middle. Thankfully, we’ve finally hit a weather pattern where I can actually wear long sleeves. Going to Christmas Eve service with the smell of sunscreen wafting through the air was just plain wrong.

The kiddos are settled back in school. I’m still working on being settled. Sending our boy back to college stunk to high heaven. Not as much for his dad because he got five extra days with him when he kidnapped him and took him hunting. Wayne assured me Jack wanted to be hunting those last five days. I assured Wayne that Caroline and Lizzie wanted to be at the spa (ok, so that was my idea). Thank the Lord I’ve still got my girls at home…

Caroline had moved her car to a spot that she normally doesn’t park in because Jack was home. I wasn’t used to it being parked there. I’m sure you can see where this is going…

As I backed out of the driveway, I never saw Caroline’s car until my backside was firmly planted in the driver’s side door. Ouch. Merry Christmas, Caroline. More on that later.

Once everyone was back in school after Christmas, Jack realized he left his dress pants at home and needed them ASAP, because: Social.

So my dog, Scooter, and I drove to College Station (the halfway point between Waco and Houston) to give him his pants. I quickly found out that the part of my bumper that I hip-bumped back into place after I hit Caroline’s car comes unhinged when I gain speed on the highway. I pulled over four times on my trip to College Station to tape it back in place with tape I bought at Home Depot on my first stop. I didn’t want my bumper to become a part of anyone else’s car on the highway.

My fourth stop was at a place that looked like an abandoned trailer park of some sort. I rolled down my window for Scooter as I got out of the car.

I learned the hard way that you don’t leave my dog in the car with the windows up. He locked the car doors one time while I was out of the car in the school carpool line years ago. With my windows up and car running. I don’t know if that was more embarrassing or the fact that I actually tried to negotiate with Scooter through the window and have him put his paw on the unlock button. Two of the best words to be reminded of when you are holding up a carpool line with your dog locked in a running car: On Star.

As I’m taping my bumper back into place in a manner that a UPS worker would be impressed with, some guy comes wandering out of who-knows-where asking if I was ok. Scooter acts like he has seen his birth father, so he proceeds to gleefully shoot out of the window like my car was on fire, freaking the guy out.

We were so close to the highway that for a split second, I pictured Scooter running down Highway 6 with the theme song of Born Free playing.  So, I basically say to myself “forget the taping of the bumper” (so much for being concerned for other motorists), I need to get my dog off of the guy who looks like he walked off the set of the movie Deliverance.

I hit the road and immediately heard the bumper come unhinged again…stupid tape.

We made it to College Station with lots of looks from fellow motorists and met Jack at a local restaurant. Of course, the dog stayed in the car with the windows cracked. And yes, I had my keys.

One look at college boy and I had to ask myself if I had given birth to a lumberjack. His beard would be envied by any man I know. So much for the young boy I sent to college in August. I am sitting across the table looking at a MAN…who needed pants.IMG_1883When I got on the road back to Houston, my bumper wouldn’t move if you tried to pry it off. Lumber Jack got his hands on some duct tape and went to town taping the bumper. I guess an intact bumper is more important than the car’s paint job.

Driving home with a solid bumper made me realize the importance of fixing what is broken the right way the first time…not waiting until the wind picks up just to have to fix it again. Kinda applies to life as well…when it comes unhinged in certain areas, what kind of tape am I reaching for to fix the problem?

I’ve added some new stuff to the rest of my website. Check out the “Things I Love” category and the “Breakfast”and “Dinner” categories – I added a couple of recipes there. 




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  • cara January 25, 2016 at 8:09 am

    I’m SO glad you are two steps ahead of me…. love the situations the Lord puts you in… we ALL need to laugh!!!! I can always count on you for a good story! Ha!