Breakfast Sandwich

I am always trying to find a way out of the breakfast rut.  I found this breakfast sandwich on Pinterest and my youngest daughter absolutely loves it. Don’t ask me when she started “liking” turkey bacon (I think anyone who says they like turkey bacon is not being altogether honest. That’s like saying I like cardboard).  But I obliged.  Far be it for me to be the one to turn her into a real bacon lover. This is a great, quick and healthy breakfast.  Just serve with a side of fresh fruit and out the door they go!

Breakfast sandwich

1 strip turkey bacon, cut in half cross-wise
olive oil spray
1 large egg white
1 light multigrain or whole wheat English muffin, toasted
1 slice cheddar cheese

Place a small nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and add the bacon. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes per side, or until crisp. Remove the pan and cover to keep warm.  Spray a 3.5-inch or 4-inch microwave-safe bowl with the olive oil spray and add the egg white. Microwave for 30 seconds. Continue the microwaving in 15-second intervals until it is just set completely. Assemble the sandwich by topping the bottom half of the warm English muffin with a little bit of butter or your favorite jelly, the egg, then the cheese, then the bacon. Add the English muffin top and serve.

Adapted from Fabulessly Frugal