PJ Problem

September 28, 2016

The link below will take you to my current post I have named PJ Problem.

I’ll explain: I’ve been in communication with a parenting website called Grown and Flown and they wanted to put this post on their website and Facebook page. For their website purposes, they renamed it to “Learning From My Mistakes – 4 Things I Want Our Kids To Remember”.  Since they are posting something of mine that has never been published before (meaning it hasn’t been on my website before) they get to have it exclusively on their website for six months. After six months, I can put the original content back on my website.

Yes, the PJ Problem story really did happen. Thankfully, seven years has passed and I’m not as paranoid anymore. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you feel more normal than you ever have before knowing that there are people in this world that do this kind of stuff.

Click on the link below to read it:


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