Photo Memories Centerpiece

November 3, 2015
Photo Memories Centerpiece

I love putting centerpieces together with photos. There’s something about it that makes the guests just circle the kitchen island. The one I made here was for Father’s Day last year. But you can use it for whatever holiday or celebration you want. I bought a white plastic paint bucket from the local hardware store.  I picked out family photos for my dad, husband and brother-in-law to enjoy, since we were all celebrating Father’s Day together. I took the photos to Kinko’s and had the color copied. I just trimmed the photos and put tape on the back of the photo to put on the bucket. It takes a little bit of time to arrange the photos so there isn’t any white space in between them. I put the flowers in a couple of different glasses filled with water and set inside the paint bucket. I normally decorate with candy at the bottom of a centerpiece, but went for the crinkly paper this time. The key is to keep the flowers fairly low in the container you are using.

You could also do this for Christmas and put old Christmas photos on your bucket with red and white flowers, Christmas greenery and either Christmas candy at the bottom or small Christmas ornaments at the bottom. The options are limitless. My dad actually took this floral centerpiece home as a keepsake.

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