The Empty Passenger Seat

Well, my car buddy has moved on. My co-pilot no longer needs to ride in the jump seat on a regular basis. My third and youngest child just got her driver’s license. When I saw her drive off by herself for the first time, I swear I saw her wearing a diaper and playing with […]

The Beginning of Goodbyes…

Just like I imagined, having a high school senior girl is very different from having a high school senior boy. Boys are black and white. Read: simple. Girls are Technicolor. Read: not so simple. Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m a character on the popular tv show Survivor. My current senior finished her high […]

The After Party

Through the social years of formal dances, my house has hosted many after parties. Meaning, the “party” after the dance – you know, where the kids can continue to hang out and eat. Because that’s what teenagers do best. I’m always amazed at how they never really get sick of hanging out. They were just […]