An (In)convenient Fever

I know everyone who is a parent at one time or another has looked at their children and said “where does the time go?!” to themselves.  And don’t you just want to smack someone who tells you for the hundredth time to appreciate the stage you are at with your kids…because before you know it, […]

The Accidental Bible Teacher

I love teenagers. While I also love little ones, there’s something about being able to have great, deep conversations with teenagers. Since I have never been one who simply keeps my thoughts to myself, I have had plenty of spirited conversations with my own teenagers and their friends.  For the past few years, I had […]

Jungle Family Wiesen

I always wanted to go to Costa Rica. We finally went this past spring break (after I sold a kidney and 25 units of plasma) and it was one of those trips that really drove home the fact that I’m just old.  More on that later.  Since my family always tends to take vacations that […]