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November 11, 2015

I’ve never been one to notice my eyelashes until, of course, I hit 48. I’m hoping turning 50 will be a breeze in comparison. Speaking of breezes, as I was talking to my friend, Cara not too long ago, I could feel the breeze pick up each time she blinked. I looked closer at her and said, “You got fake eyelashes!!” She assured me that she didn’t (who’s got time to have those things put on all the time!), and that she uses Revitalash. Do tell, Cara…

She told me she picked it up at a beauty supply specialty store and just put it on like liquid eyeliner on her top lashes every day and voila! She has amazing lashes. Amazing. So, I saunter over to the same store (over there by where the old Whole Foods used to be on Woodway..can’t remember the name!) and sure enough, it was just innocuously sitting by the check out counter in a little box. I picked a tube and the total was $150 – wow. So I asked if there was a coupon, and magically there was some in-store promotion going on, so I got $30 off. My husband doesn’t know that I even bought this stuff, much less that I paid that much for something that he might not ever notice. Oh well. But I notice – my eyelashes are really growing.

I just put it on in the morning under my make up (when I choose to actually do others a favor and put make up on – yet another loser about aging…I can’t run around without make up like I could before.) There is nothing in this for me to recommend Revitalash to you – other than the fact you will cool me off with a nice breeze every time you blink your new and improved lashes when I’m around. You can either go to their website and purchase ( or that store by the old Whole Foods. You might find it cheaper on Amazon, just make sure it’s the same stuff. It takes about 3-4 weeks of every day use to see a difference.  It’s like putting pure vitamins on your lashes. I just wish there could be botox or liposuction in a tube. Oh well.

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