S’mores Dip

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7.58.55 AMEasy and addictive doesn’t really begins to describe this quick dessert. The cast iron skillet is smoking hot coming out of the oven, so be careful. I highly recommend you try this…now.


Semi-sweet chocolate morsels

1 bag of marshmallows, mini or big ones

1 T butter

1 cast iron skillet


Put cast iron skillet in cold oven and heat oven to 400.  Remove cast iron skillet (it’s hot!) and put 1 T butter in skillet to melt. Layer semi-sweet chocolate morsels to cover the bottom of the skillet.  Top evenly with marshmallows. Note: if you use the big marshmallows, tear them in half and place the sticky side bottom down, so the smooth side of the marshmallow is on top.  Put skillet back in oven and cook until tops of marshmallows are lightly toasted and puffy.

Serve with vanilla wafers, graham crackers, or whatever your heart desires.  You can thank me later for this one.

Photo and recipe adapted from Dessertfortwo.com