Me and Mrs. Kravitz

I have a confession to make and can’t believe that I am doing so in such a public way. There’s another man in my life. Actually, he lives in the lot directly behind my house, so I get to see him quite often.  His name is Joe. Trader Joe. Good Lord, people!  Tell me you […]

Leaving the Light On

Welcome! This blog/website/whatever you want to call it is something that many friends and most recently my kids have encouraged me to do. Maybe it’s because they think if I write what’s crammed in my mind that I won’t talk to them as much. I don’t think they will be that lucky. My name is […]

Yes, an RV

I grew up in a family with an RV.  Back in the day, we called it a motorhome and there are more stories of our motorhome trips than I can begin to recall.  The main ones entail my mother and I in the front next to my dad saying “Are we ok?” “Are we going to […]