Lucy and Ricky

Hurricane Harvey was such a massive invader that hit my community that I thought it warranted me writing another blog post about him, it, whatever you want to call Harvey. But this isn’t about the actual weather event of a hurricane. This is just about what I’ve observed in the near six weeks since Harvey […]

Floodgates Wide Open

For the past month, my mind has been a jumbled mess. While I am used to living with a jumbled mind most of the time, lately it’s been more like a wound up, tangled ball of yarn. I am just now able to find the string to start unraveling the wad of yarn. Two words […]

Brotherly Advice

When my son, Jack (20), told me he wanted to write a letter full of advice to his sister who is going off to college in August, I was grateful I didn’t hit my head too hard on the way down when I passed out. Thankfully I only hit a soft cushion, so I was […]